Lawyer • Mediator


In difficult situations and acute areas of conflict, it is best for everything to take place simultaneously (in parallel), though implementation is only possible on a step-by-step basis. This seems contradictory. As with the famous question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, the answer is: both at once. And, of course, the chicken had to go through many stages of development before it could lay an egg to start with. From this perspective, an overview or prototype for the change and solution you need can be generally developed during the very first consulting session.

In other situations, such as founding companies, starting projects, or planning for how to arrange an inheritance or company succession, we can establish a framework that takes stock of all the interests involved from very early on.

Why Mediation?

Outside of court, you can find a suitable solution that works for everyone, without the risk of losing a lawsuit.

Why Collaborative Law/Practice?

This approach is for people who want all the advantages of mediation and also need partisan, continuous legal advice. With collaborative law, there is no chance of ending up in court.